Invited Speakers

Sinan Alis (Turkey) - Development of Astronomy in Turkey
Mohammad Bagheri (Iran) – Kushyar ibn Labban (Gilani)
Coryn Bailer-Jones (Germany) - Understanding uncertainty: lessons from astronomy
Piero Benvenuti (Italy) - IAU activities related to Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
Piero Benvenuti (Italy) - Modern cosmology and the “creatio continua” concept by Thomas Aquinas
Grigor Brutean (Armenia) - Some astronomical-cosmic realities in the Armenian epic “Sasna Tzrer”
Massimo Capaccioli (Italy) - A pluralistic vein in the early Eighteen century in Europe
Ariel Cohen (Israel) – The Jewish Chronology and Astronomy
Kevin Govender (South Africa) – Office of Astronomy for Development
Ahmed Abdel Hady (Egypt) – Observatories and astronomers in Egypt during the period 969-1850 AD
Haik Harutyunian (Armenia) – Ancient Astronomical Knowledge in Armenian Myths and Names
Garik Israelian (Spain) – Starmus Festival: Musical Astronomical Heritage
Habib Khosroshahi (Iran) – Iranian National Observatory; building heritage for the future
J. McKim Malville (USA) – Geographic and Societal Determinates of Ancient Astronomies
Areg Mickaelian (Armenia) – Armenian Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
Areg Mickaelian (Armenia) – Digitized First Byurakan Survey (DFBS) – as UNESCO
“Memory of the World” documentary heritage

Awni Moh'd Al-khasawneh (Jordan) – Astronomical heritage of Jordan
Sadollah Nasiri-Gheydari (Iran) – Astronomical Heritage of Iran
Vito Francesco Polcaro (Italy) – The Astronomical Orientations of Sacred Buildings in the Levant
during the Bronze and Iron Ages

Irakli Simonia (Georgia) – Ancient Astronomical Knowledge – the Unity of Diversity
Hakob Simonyan (Armenia) – Sunrise as precondition for the orientation of grave-tombs in ancient Armenia
Xiaochun Sun (China) – Astronomical Silk Road
Karen Tokhatyan (Armenia) – Ancient Astronomical Knowledge and Rock Art in Armenia
Gohar Vardumyan (Armenia) – Celestial Bodies in Ancient Armenian Mythology
Ararat Yeghikyan (Armenia) – Does “Iron” in Armenian really means a “Sky Drop”?